July 25th, 2017


And as a bonus object: some people have seen a bright satellite at 20:20 in the North-West (when we were using binoculars after sunset). This was actually the International Space Station (ISS)! If you want to know which bright satellites pass over your locations tonight, you can use http://heavens-above.com

For example, this was the overpass of the ISS as predict for tonight at Kitt Peak: http://heavens-above.com/passdetails.aspx?lat=31.96&lng=-111.5982&loc=Kitt+Peak+Visitor+Center&alt=2067&tz=Arizona&satid=25544&mjd=57960.1400215627

Thank you for joining us tonight! Please take a moment to review the program here: http://www.noao.edu/kpvc/Feedback.


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